Construction Projets

Since many years KT GlobalGroup is involved in a lot of construction and infrastructure projects.

We are constantly working on project types like:

➢ Hotels & Villas

➢ Housing Estates

➢ Office & Shopping Centres

➢ Government Buildings

➢ Sports Complexes

➢ Airports & Industrial Units

Swipe up for some examples of our projects, please!

Headquarter Building of refinery in Iraq

Design and built Project – 4.500 sqm in total

Khalak refinery control building in Iraq

Design and built Project – 3.000 sqm in total

International Airport Baku - Azerbaijan

Concept design and facade renovation.

Gence International Airport, Azerbaijan

Terminal Building - 18.000sqm

METRO Cash & Carry - Turkey

Construction interior finishing - 15.000 sqm

Orbital park Project - ongoing

Architectural services for 5.000 sqm

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