Finest Fruits 

KT GlobalGroup offers finest quality and the fastest solutions in the “Fresh Fruit & Vegetable” business with 30 years experience.
By the 3 decades of experience and the professional teams, source directly from farms, orchards and greenhouses without using third parties to maintain highest qyality for it’s businness partners.
One of the main priority of KT GlobalGroup is to ensure that all contracted farmers are comply with “Good Agricultural Practices” and “Sustainable Agriculture” criteria and all are supervised by our business partners.

KT GlobalGroup’s indispensable principles are :

  • to select the best orchards for each product group,
  • to comply with certain parameters after the harvest,
  • to pack according to the business partners’ criterias
  • to deliver in fastest and healthiest way
  • to all over Europe, Russia and Middle East Countries in cold chain system.

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