Logistic Optimization System


Successful military logistics missions don’t happen by accident. Precision planning is essential to guarantee you safely deliver on the critical factors of right cargo, right place and right time – as efficiently as possible.

The Logistics Optimization System (LOS) from our partner is an intelligent decision-making software tool designed to accelerate and optimize the planning of military logistics missions.

Taking into account the multiple variables around capacity, cargo and location, LOS uses a sophisticated algorithm and machine learning to calculate an optimal plan for your specific requirements. It gives you confidence that your pallets and aircraft are securely loaded and that your mission is optimized to deliver.



When it comes to planning military logistics missions, there is no shortage of critical factors that must be considered to guarantee a successful outcome. From cargo to pallet to aircraft, each link in the chain must be fully aligned, bringing together a detailed appreciation of the dimensions, weight and type of load as well as the available capacity and the delivery destination – or destinations.

Only by incorporating all of these factors into a robust plan can you be assured that loads will be accurately balanced and secured, and that your flight assets will be fully optimized for the parameters of the mission at hand. Getting that right takes time and effort.

With LOS, you can accelerate your approach through rapid, intelligent decision-making. It considers all of your logistics mission parameters to arrive at the optimal plan, with the flexibility to quickly accommodate any last-minute changes.

Our Solutions ADVANTAGE

LOS has been developed by our partner, aviation software specialists with over 25 years’ experience working with key stakeholders in the air transport community.

Our partner has developed IT solutions and integrated applications for airports, airlines and ground handlers, and has specific experience in implementing and supporting mission-critical systems.

LOS is an example of how the company’s strong emphasis on research and development enables it to engineer innovative, cost-effective technological solutions that enhance air transport operations.


While improvements in speed and efficiency bring big advantages to your logistics planning process, safety is the priority for any mission. That’s why all the benefits of LOS are delivered within the SAFE framework, ensuring your planning is Secure, Accurate, Fast and Efficient.

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